Stomach Flu –

Well, its a bad one- it has shut down an entire school district already! Here are some totally safe and natural treatments that we have in stock if you need them –

From Maria

For hydrating: Make an extra strong batch of Immune-Tea (double the usual amount). Mix it with a good healthy juice for taste, then turn it into popsicles. Let little ones suck on them to stay hydrated while also getting immune boosting benefits of Elderberry and other ingredients.

Lovely Mother’s milk Tea also contains very soothing and stomach friendly herbs. We also have Hyland’s Chamomile Tablets  to help soothe upset stomachs.

If you have not been hit with this flu yet –

Get on the Elderberry complex (for mom, dad, nursing moms)

For little ones, the Children’s Respiratory Support contains a high level of Elderberry and Thyme and is great for fighting this flu, as well.

And the popsicles are great for just immune boosting, even if you are not sick!

Good luck out there!!



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