About Us

What You Can Expect from Terra Tots

As parents ourselves, we can’t help but feel connected to each and every family that interacts with Terra Tots. We’ve been through the stages of learning our own babies – who they are and what they need – and settling into a new identity as Parent. 

Over time, research, and hands-on experience (not to mention lots of trial and error), we’ve learned a lot about which products work, what doesn’t, and what stands out from all the rest. 

At the same time, we’re always learning from our clients, our makers and vendors, and the organizations we partner with. We’re constantly analyzing our inventory and educational material to offer up only trustworthy, accessible, sustainably-minded, natural parenting products and information.

For us, “natural” isn’t a marketing ploy but a shared desire to simplify life and eliminate distractions. That means a simple selection, earth-smart materials, and people-first production.   

It is our mission to support independent retailers and endorse underrepresented audiences, connecting families to makers and bringing the world to your little one’s fingertips. 


History and Future of Terra Tots

Terra Tots is built on a legacy of women with vision, and we’re honored to pick up the mantle. After years cloth diapering and home birthing babies, and many hours as patrons of Terra Tots, cousins Brannan Sirratt (herbalist, Dip.DSS) and Arianna Roxas (ten-year childcare professional) are taking over at the helm, pulling Terra Tots into the next generation of flexibility and convenience that comes with online shopping. 

All of our products are produced in sustainably-minded ways, not only for the physical world but for the people living in it. Fair trade, ethical production, and sustainable practices for the earth and for makers are our priority. 

Even without a brick & mortar presence, we’re still very much connected to the community around us. We bring our products to pop-up events, hand-deliver products locally, and maintain face-to-face, hands-on connection with our customers. 

All of our products ship as quickly as possible, in personalized, thoughtful packaging. We meet with our vendors, pop up wherever we have a concentration of customers or highly loyal and connected patrons, and are as involved with our digital family as we are with our direct neighbors.