Baltic Amber Necklace - Unicorn

Baltic Amber Necklace - Unicorn


Handmade with 100% certified Baltic amber.

  • Helps to relieve pain and inflammation. Must be in contact with the skin.

  • Please note that baltic amber is a completely natural material and slight color variation from pictures may occur.

  • Parent/adult must supervise children at all times when wearing any type of jewelry. Necklace must be fitted properly & taken off at night time. This listing is for a 10.5” necklace, suitable for most infants and young toddlers. Please measure to ensure proper fit.

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  • May be in contact with plain water, however it is preferable to remove it before bathing or swimming to increase its lifespan.

  • You should be able to run two fingers along your baby’s neck under the necklace. The necklace must never reach passed your baby’s chin.

  • Whenever your baby shows the first signs of teething, it’s time to try this product.

  • This product has a safety release and is tested by a third party lab & meet all safety standards.