Starry Knight Designs Handmade Leather Loafers

Starry Knight Designs Handmade Leather Loafers

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Great leather soft-soled shoes and moccasins for every child! Made from new leather, re-purposed leather and vibrant custom dyed suede.

Elastic sewn in backs of the shoes to keep them on squirmy feet without being restrictive.

For bottom of shoes - leather with rough side out helps keep them non-slip.

Soft soled shoes stay on when babies start crawling; wonderful for feet and balance when they start walking; and perfect house slippers for bigger kids.

Starry Knight uses new/re-purposed leather and custom dyed suede pieces to create a variety of colors and textures on the soft-soled shoes. All designs are hand-cut for an original look on every pair.

Studio is solar powered, and runs an industrial leather machine. Each piece is master crafted in the USA.

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