Tot Totes for Easy Travel with Kids

Hey Terra Tots fam! Arianna here. Before we were owners, we were happy patrons of Terra Tots—as long as we've had littles. So when I started making every other weekend trips with my girl, I had to pick up a Tot Tote on one of my stops at the shop. It's been a couple of years now, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't travel with kids without one of these.

The unicorn print caught my eye first, if I'm being honest. Because what's being a six or seven year old kid without unicorns? (Or maybe for all ages...okay, yes, I love unicorns for myself too.) But it seriously just gets better the more you discover.

Tot Totes Travel with Kids.JPG

Tot Totes are made by a local-to-us mama who has seriously had a stroke of genius. She thought of it all. First, let's keep talking about these prints and fabric. We currently carry an anchor-covered, nautical themed lovely called Seabrook, and we've had (and will carry) unicorns in pink + rainbow and unicorns in primary. They're made of a sturdy canvas that holds up to all of the abuse that you'd expect when you travel with kids, without being heavy or bulky.

That last part's important, because the Tot Tote is meant for your *tot* to *tote*. I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of lugging around everything she hands off to me, especially when it's a bunch of little loose things. So the Tot Tote has backpack straps and zips up nice and secure for her to fit all of her travel goodies. (I'm sorry—*necessities.* There is no wrath like that of a first-grader-who-lost-her-art-supplies scorned!)

So this is where it gets fun. Tot Totes aren't just a backpack that your kiddo has to dig through (and where all of the cracker crumbs in the universe will fall to the bottom). Nope. Once you get in the car, there's a buckle that slips around the headrest of the seat in front of your kiddo. Then the sides of the Tot Tote unzip to become a travel lap desk.

Tot Totes Travel With Kids Lap Desk.JPG

A travel lap desk that's not going anywhere.

A travel lap desk that has pockets for all of the odds and ends she swears she needs for travel. 

A travel lap desk that holds all of the things you *don't* have to reach back to hand her 6500 times before you hit the highway.

There is one large pocket at the top for books and papers, 3 medium pockets on top of that, a pencil pocket, and a mesh sleeve for water bottles. 

On the bottom (the part that rests on their lap), there's another pocket that velcros tight to fully secure whatever she puts in it. Remember, when you zip this up, that pocket will be upside down. Brilliant construction—nothing's getting out of there.

Personalized Tot Totes Fun.JPG

And of course my monster (that's her nickname, by the way—don't worry, it's endearing) has personalized her Tot Tote with clippies on the zippers (hey look, a monster!). This is something that's hers and only hers, that she gets to take ownership of when we drive to her dad's or take off adventuring. 

If you have any plans to travel with kids, put this first on your list. We're forever fans of Tot Totes and will always have some in stock or on their way.


Have a Tot Tote already? Share a photo of how your own little monster loads it up and enjoys it on trips. Or if you don't have one yet, let us know your messiest, funniest, cringiest travel with kids moment. Hashtag #terratots or @terratots on all the major social media platforms, or join our community group on Facebook and start the convo there. 

Arianna Roxas