Nurtured Mother Comforting Tincture

Nurtured Mother Comforting Tincture


This is a wonderfully comforting tincture for the new mom. These nurturing herbs help comfort the new mother, just after giving birth, by acting as an astringent, nervine and an nutritive uterine tonic that supports the uterus during the involution process.

It softens the bitterness of the afterbirth contractions or monthly menstrual cramps. It soothes her emotions and is pleasantly sweet on her tongue.

Serving size 20 drops

Servings per container 30

Suggested use: Take 20-30 drops 3-5 times daily. Not intended for pregnancy.

Ingredients: Cramp Bark*, Partridgeberry, Mother’s Wort*, Red Raspberry Leaf*, Chamomile*, Oat Straw*, Lemon Balm*, Grain Alcohol, Vegetable Glycerin, and Distilled Water. *organic or wild crafted 

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